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As Promised...

We promised you a FREE copy of our Ebook "The Power Of Letting Go".  Download your copy HERE!

The team at LET IT GO is excited to have you as part of our community where you can be supported to love yourself enough to love yourself better everyday.  Give yourself the permission to make the shift in your life to accomplish your desired fulfillment and happiness. 


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Take The Next Step...

"Let It Go" has a team of people that are always working on new and creative content that will change your personal growth journey forever.  We give you effective ways to make great impact on your freedom, happiness and success.

If you are stuck in the rut of the same patterns and need to form new skills to break through to the next level, then YES this course is for you! Learn new skills and insights to enable you to develop success in every aspect of your life.


"The Power of Letting Go" is not your average course.  This course gives you simple steps that have great impact.  Once you learn what "The Power of Letting Go" is all about, you won't ever want to go back to doing things the old way.

What's Included:

Five modules -

All with videos, great content and quizzes that are proven effective in supporting you to start the change you want RIGHT NOW! Everything is designed to make the process simple to learn.

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 Module 1 –Introduction to LET IT GO

Find out how important it is for you to start making change right now.


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Module 2 –What Does It Mean To Let Go

Realize why what you have done in the past isn’t working for you.


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Module 3 –Do I Need To Let Go?

Learn why you need to start letting go, and find out what amazing change will come your way.


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Module 4 – When it’s Time to Let Go

Learn to recognize the symptoms of what isn’t good for you and your dream. 


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Module  – 5 Steps To Letting Go

5 key steps derived from ancient wisdom and delivered to you in a modern way.  

So that you can start seeing change immediately.



Don’t hold back any longer!  

You deserve to have a life that is filled with happiness and the freedom to be successful.

Don't forget that for attending the webinar and registering for the course, you will receive a Complimentary DEEP DIVE Session with Leigh Burton so that you can even further apply it to you personally. 

Register now, start the course, and Leigh will connect with you to arrange a time that is convenient for you!