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Experience Your Best Self

You don't have to be held back by your past or present circumstances. The freedom to make positive and lasting changes in your life is right here. There is no better place to give yourself the gift of Letting Go than in the luxurious Mayan Riviera, Mexico. This is where you "Find the Freedom to LET IT GO." If you are ready to shift towards a happier life, then this retreat is for you.

Join our “Let It Go” Retreat to release what doesn’t work in your life and learn new insights. Our Retreat offers a mind body connection, and hands-on learning skills to bring back to your world so you are ready for a rejuvenated start. When you leave you will be able to comfortably apply what you learn and see unlimited FREEDOM.

Is This For Me? Why You Need to Attend.

If you feel stuck, that your past causes you to hold back from having what you are looking for, then YES this is for you! During your retreat you will learn new skills and insights that let you naturally release the hold that your past has on you. You will easily learn new skills and insights to enable you to develop a life filled with abundance and joy. The kind of life you feel you deserve.

If you are stuck in the rut of the same patterns and need to form new skills to break through to the next level, then YES this is for you! You are going to learn new skills and insights to enable you to develop success in every aspect of your life.


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Day 1

Meet your personal driver who will whisk you from the Cancun airport to your accommodations in Akumal. Meet your new community of friends.  Have dinner at the infamous Buena La Vida beachside restaurant.  Start your journey of learning how, why, and what to let go of.  Get ready to make lasting positive change in your life.

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Day 2

Understand what you need to release so you can comfortably move forward and leave the past behind.  Today you will gain insight to how your feelings are affecting you and your life.    Movement and flow exercises will show you how to listen to what your body is telling you.

Day 3

Empower each other to give ourselves permission to release what isn't working.   You will learn how to naturally embrace feminine energy so you can maximize your personal power and easily embrace your personal abundance.  A half day excursion is planned for you to visit a local wildlife rehabilitation ranch showing you how vulnerability is a part of your best self.  

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Day 4

Today is all about understanding boundaries and personal space.  We are off to the beach for some fun exercises to show you where your boundaries are and how to naturally protect your space.  This is how you achieve a safe place to have the freedom to live life on your terms.

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Can't get enough of the beach?  Perfect!  Because today we go snorkelling.  This day is all about  comfortably moving through fear and hesitation so that you can stand ON your story.  Not letting the past have control over tomorrow.  Group teachings will show you how fear is an illusion that only gets in the way if you let it.

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Day 5

Not far from where you are staying is the beautiful ancient Mayan city of Tulum.  A perfect place to step into your power and achieve unlimited self love through a powerful releasing exercise.  During this exercise you will be able to feel the freedom you desire fill your heart giving you the courage to make what you want in your life happen.

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Day 6

Today is all about putting everything into place so that after you return home you can easily apply what you have learned and achieve unlimited personal freedom.  You deserve to have the life that you want, filled with love, passion and success.  Group exercises will help you realize how to open up to the freedom you have been looking for.

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Day 7

Before your personal driver takes you to the airport, you will become aware of how strong the Let It Go community is and how we are here to continue supporting you throughout your journey.  This is not a day for goodbye, but a day to embrace the bond and committed support that will be there for you.

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Invest in Yourself for only $1,650 CDN + HST

Make your deposit of $250 and we will arrange a payment plan for you.


Because you Deserve it!  Isn't it Time to Invest in You?

  • Realize the SIMPLE missing link
  • Gain personal insights and experience A-HA MOMENTS
  • Experience FREEDOM
  • Become EMPOWERED to succeed
  • Realize SELF-LOVE

When you invest in you, you become your BEST SELF

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Leigh Burton

After many years as a nurse and health practitioner, I used my knowledge and experience to become a leader in personal growth.  I share how shift our lives in a way that allows us the freedom to start living life on our terms.  With more peace, freedom and success.  My mission is to support your personal development and growth.  With almost 30 years of study in the ancient wisdom of the Toltec and Mayan, I share how you can easily resolve getting more out life.

Leigh Burton is an Amazon International Best Selling Author, International Speaker, NLP Practitioner, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, Emotional Health Coach, Acceptance Commitment Therapist, an expert in letting go, and a lover of life. 

$250 to reserve your spot, and Start Your Journey Now!

Your "FREEDOM" package includes:

• 6 Nights & 7 Days accommodations at Akumals best Eco Glamping retreat location
• Welcome LIG gift to support your letting go journey
• Personal VIP airport transportation
• Exclusive VIP excursions designed to support the philosophies you learn
• One 30 minute private coaching with Leigh during the the Retreat
• Carved out downtime to enjoy amenities and reflect on teachings
• Exclusive VIP location for all workshops
• Retreat workbook filled with easy to understand content that makes positive change
• VIP grandfathered pricing to return at previous year pricing

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