For those of us who are on the journey of continually striving to be our best self, there is nothing better than an “A-ha” moment. “Like a switch has been flipped and a light came on” is one of the oldest way to explain it, but it probably is the best explanation available.  Because that is really what it feels like.  All of a sudden a light comes on and the darkness in a room fades away so quickly.  The “A-Ha” moment opens up opportunity and initiates the shift.  That morsel of information that changes everything.  It is the action and commitment to use that information for your better good that is what’s called “Shifting”. 

There is no going back to that space of darkness that kept you from being your better you.

And it feels good.  Really good.  But before you turn up the dial on the energy that you are going to dedicate to living your new shift there is something you should know.  Don’t get me wrong, any shift that you go through is a great thing. As long as you think so, because that’s what really matters.  In my experience though, some get very excited about their development and can easily trip and fall on the way to their better life.

Be sure to celebrate your “A-ha” moments.  You’ve done a lot of work developing into the amazing person that you are.  Just do it “SAFELY”.

-Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.-.jpg

Check your new self, and make sure that you are staying aligned with your core values.  That is to say that what you think, say and do with respect to yourself, your space and others is conducive with your core values.  

It’s really easy to get excited, plow ahead and forget to be mindful of the fact that we don’t have superpowers.  It sure does feel like it though.  Understandable, and very human.  But, without the superpowers that we think we have at times, it is all too easy to take a tumble.  And sometimes that tumble can hurt.  Each moment is unique and deserves all of the attention you can give it.  So, travel your journey in honor of your core values and make it a safe trip for you.

Until next time...