Why won’t you host a retreat in Costa Rica?  I love Costa Rica!”  That is what I get asked now and then.  Why must our Let It Go Retreats be held in Mexico?  Particularly the Mayan Riviera?

My quick response is usually this: “Well, since our concept and processes of Letting Go are developed as modern perspective of ancient Toltec, Mayan and Aztec, why wouldn’t we keep them where this fantastic culture has shed their own fears and healed their past?”

Letting Go is a concept that is raised a lot.  “Oh, just let it go!” is said how many times a day?  While it is a fantastic thing that you can do for yourself, I must throw in a little bit of Toltec wisdom here.

Words are symbols.  That’s all they are.  Words are used to simply describe what you are thinking.  Each society has there own separate set of “symbols” so that they can be understood within their community; a language all to their own.  (This, by the way, is the very beginning of understanding the true concept of not taking things personal.) However, words do have the opportunity to be a catalyst creating an opportunity to feel in your heart what you must do.  The only logical thing to do then is to dive right in.  No action?  Well, then you are right back to words just being symbols.  Symbols that make what you are thinking and feeling understood.  Other than that, they are virtually useless.

The Mayans are one of the only indigenous cultures on our planet that had “who they are” entirely stripped away from them.  Many generations later, there is almost no recollection of even the language that would have been spoken.  No understanding of their history’s literature, other than it would have been something to look at.  When the spanish invaded Mexico and Guatemala, they burned all but four of the Popul Vuh.  Which translates to "Book of the Community" or "Book of the People".  It was not known to the masses that the four copies had been spared. But when it was time for the Mayan community to re-embrace their history in its fullest, they were given every opportunity to understand where they came from.  Allowing them to begin again the existence that all humans seek.  That is to matter.  This has only been over the past 50 years.  Now, they are gaining their cultural riches and sharing the wisdom that their ancestors had with all those that authentically seek it.  

Considering that it has been over 1000 years since the Spanish invaded Central America, it is fair to say that only recently has the lineage of these incredible people come out and spoke of the wisdom that they shared only among themselves.  This wisdom went with the Maya, as many of the shamans and deity of their time had fled to the mountains to stay free of having the wishes of other forced upon them.  This wisdom would stay hidden until it was clear that society would be able to embrace this life inspiring knowledge and be able to understand it.

Fearing no more the punishment of their misunderstood culture, the selected few have shared what they know to be true.  That we have every ability to live our lives as Heaven on Earth.  With peace and freedom to be who and what we want to be.  To be able to have the riches and abundance that we can dream of.  No, it isn’t as easy as wanting a million dollars and it appears.  Living your life like it is your own Heaven on Earth is accomplished after letting go of old ways and developing new ones that will take you there.

Join us on one of our next retreats, and see for yourself the difference it will make for you.   
The “Move Into Your Dream” retreat is held in February and is the game changing first step to creating great things in your life.  Held in a luxurious ocean side resort, there is no better place to treat yourself the way you deserve to be treated.  
Our “Raising Authenticity” retreat is held in October and is in the perfect Mayan Riviera location to reconnect with your deepest self.  This is the opportunity to reconnect with who you really are and become who you are really meant to be.
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