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Can You Manifest What You Don’t Want?

You bet you can!  In fact, we do it all the time!

The Universe is a blessing indeed, and a beautiful place filled with all sorts of molecules and energy that is waiting to connect with you.

We are a developed society constantly growing into a better version of ourselves.  We know all too well about vision boards, journalling, and so many other ways to work through something and or create an energy in our environment that will do all it can to assist in manifesting what we want in life. 

I think we get lost in the concept though.  In the sense that we might not think of the fact that it works both ways.  For good and for not so good.  By keeping that in mind we are more likely to be careful of what we are saying and doing, and realize earlier on the effect it is going to have.  

Let’s check the math…

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I went to “Google” and typed in the words “Do vision boards work?”  The first thing I notice is a blog posted by Huffington Post.  Good source.  Clicked, and read.  Brilliancy noted right away.  The author stated “Your vision board should focus on how you want to feel, not just on things that you want.”  Brilliant, because as we know how we FEEL is going to determine the outcome.  

A vision board is something physical and external, but it is there to continually remind us to stay on track.  To FEEL what it is that we want, so that we can shift the energy in our environment and in ourselves appropriately.  Did you catch that?  So that we can shift the energy in our environment and IN OURSELVES appropriately.  I said it again, because that is the key.

So, would it not make sense that although we don’t have a vision board for less than what we want, or negative impact on our lives, it stands true that how we FEEL will impact our environment, our personal space, and as a result our life.

This is what I suggest.  In the future, (and right now if in a less than positive place) watch out for when you are feeling stressed.  What are you saying to yourself or to others?  “I’m so busy.”, or maybe “Oh my God, this is ridiculous.” or even something like “I can’t believe this is happening.”  

There is no reason that you shouldn’t acknowledge a stressor, but keep the venting in perspective.  The Universe is not an emotional space.  It will connect like energies, whether we like them or not.  So if we hold onto stress related to a circumstance, you can bet that all the great things we may have put on a vision board are not the priority for the Universe, because we are in a moment emphasizing what we don’t want.  Like energy will connect with like energy.

Until next time...

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