Waiting for change? And waiting …. And waiting….. When do you stop waiting and make it happen?

It is amazing to watch someone step into their power and change their life for the better.  Incredible changes can happen.  All because you took the most important step in allowing positive abundance into your life.  That’s the power of letting go…you need to empty your basket of rotten apples to fill it with red ripe juicy fruit!  Both Oprah and Tony Robbins will tell you the same thing.


Oprah in O Magazine:

If you are “tired of clinging to what hurts you or holds you back”, start living free by letting go!

In Tony Robbin’s recent blog “The Power Of Letting Go” he says:

“If we can’t get out of the story we’ve constructed for ourselves, then we cannot move on toward bigger and brighter things.”


Letting go is just as important as having dreams …and letting go allows you the freedom to make the dreams a reality.

Here are some results noted from our guests at our last Let It Go Retreat:

  • Sleeping better than ever

  • Lost over 30 lbs.

  • Feeling much happier

  • No more anxiety or fear

  • Better health and more me-time

  • Stronger relationship with  husband & children, living a happier family life

Join the movement to let go!

For more information how we can support you letting go, visit Let It Go Retreat. At Let It Go™ our mission is to support personal growth by releasing what doesn’t work and replace it with positive new behaviors to implement and incorporate into your life for long-lasting positive change

Until next time...Cheers! To letting go!!