Do you find yourself wondering "what if?" or "why is it so hard?"  If so, you are definitely not alone.

Many people are attached to the pain of their past - the parent who wasn't there - the ex who betrayed you - the boss who humiliated you.  

Perhaps you're stuck because of choices you  now regret - the  job you should have left earlier - the relationship you let go instead of working on - the safe choice you made when the riskier one was available.

Of course your friends will be ready to comfort you with familiar mantras:

"Just let it go!"
"Let it go, S/He's not worth it!"
"Quit holding on to the past, it's time to let it go!"

But HOW do you let it go and move into a new life?

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Deepak Chopra said "You will move forward through your desire."  

Sage advice.  The man is brilliant!  But honestly, most people have no clear idea as to how to use it.  


The other week I heard a commentator on CBC radio say "We can't move forward without first dealing with what keeps us stuck".  You have to work through the issue to get to the place where you are able to let it go.

“Letting Go” is all about taking back the power that something or someone has over you.  It is not about simply forgetting , forgiving and moving on.

Let me show you 3 easy steps to start your journey on “Letting Go” and starting to live life on your terms!

  1. Make the COMMITMENT!  Only YOU can change your life and how you will get out of it amazing happiness and success.

  2. ACTION is a must!  Doing something every day that moves you forward changes the energy in your space.  This is how the Universe will hear you and respond accordingly.

  3. Don’t forget breeds positive change and catapults you forward.

Like you, I have lived a journey with many challenges, and I am so grateful to realize the right pattern and action plan.  The one that really works.

Don’t hesitate to let me know how your journey is going!

Find out HERE if you have something you need to let go of, and just how important it might be to get moving on making positive change.  This is a simple quiz that will give you fantastic insight to what is holding you back.

Until next time!