There is something comforting when we humans can be compared to the wonder and beauty of nature.  That no matter it’s genetic make-up, everything comes from the same divine place.  Including us.  It is during significant moments on Earth that we remember and acknowledge this blessing.

A Time To Celebrate

The Fall Equinox has been celebrated for 1000’s of years by virtually all cultures.  It wasn’t just the Maya, it was for everyone.  Each culture would celebrate the symbolic marking of time in their own way.  Fall Equinox has always been a time to say thank you for all that was harvest during the season before.  That which will sustain us through the next season as we rest and prepare to repeat the cycle again.  If the crops produced less than what was desired, it marked a time to start anew.  If the crops produced abundance, well, it goes without saying that celebration was definitely in order.  

Whatever the results of the prior season, Fall Equinox marks a time for rest, and an opportunity for renewal.

On A Spiritual Note

From a more spiritual, or a personal development perspective, Fall Equinox symbolizes balance.  A balance between darkness and light.  Whereas to remind us that without darkness there would be no light.  

We all strive to reach what we individually give meaning to “Light”, however the existence of darkness usually represents fear.  

I don’t believe that there is anything to fear on the spiritual realm.  Unless of course you recognize the possibility of losing yourself from your spiritual self.  No, I believe that everything, darkness and light included provides equal opportunity to reflect on who we are and who we want to be.  

What Do You Want Your Next Year To Be Like?

Fall equinox is a mark in time to represent just that.  The beginning of a window of time that is meant for rest, for reflection and seeding your dreams.  What do you want for your next year?  What is the next right set of steps along your journey?  

Take some time during this celebrated end of a season and beginning of something more by sharing gratitude for all that the past seasons have provided.  Dark and light, because both provide great value as you travel each new day of your journey.

Let this be an opportunity to remember the significance of balance, and that when life brings you darkness, that the sun will still rise in the morning.

“Words are power, and through your thoughts they become your reality.  Train your mind to use words that will bring you more of what you want”

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Until next time...