It’s happened to all of us.  Whether personal, or business, everyone knows what it feels like to be manipulated.  We also know that these “Dragons” will continue to thrive, and can easily show up in our lives again.


I personally compare a person who is manipulative to a “Dragon” because they are charismatic, mysterious, and although we sense danger from the start, we are pulled into believing that we are stepping into our power when the opposite is true.  The “Dragon” feeds by taking your power and using it for personal gain.  The “Dragon” can stay quietly in it’s lair and pounce when an unsuspecting prey approaches.  Using all of it’s charm and persuasiveness to get their  prey to approach.

Graphic?  Maybe.  But when you have been really manipulated and taken for granted, it feels horrible.  The first thought that comes to your mind is likely “What in the heck just happened?

Over the years, I have dealt with many clients who have had to deal with being manipulated, bullied, and being taken for granted.  We want to trust others, and it isn’t that difficult to do when someone presents with what appears to be honor.  Especially when the circumstances are played out to be to our benefit.

It’s like watching a play that the title is clear and defined, the story line is conducive with what you thought it would be, but at the end you're left wondering “What does that ending have to do with the story?”  It just doesn’t add up.  That is the key plan of said “Dragons”.  While you are scratching your head and trying to recover, they are making a run for it.  Taking with them whatever you innocently handed over.

So what can YOU do?


The said “Dragon” won’t show you his or her true colors right away.  Be skeptical and listen.


Agree to allow people to move into your space at a pace that is respectful of your needs and what you have to offer.  


Your body will tell you that something is wrong.  Do yourself a favor, respect that and listen.


Another person will only follow your lead.  When you stay tuned to your core values, you are setting your personal boundaries.  When you respect your boundaries, they cannot be broken.

Not everyone that comes into your life is going to be a bad story to talk about later.  However, just in case, follow the four steps listed above, and you will have more and more great stories to share.

Want to know if you have your own dragons to let go of?  Take our simple QUIZ and find out!

Until next time...