Attract abundance like the flower attracts the bee.

Abundance is yours if you open up to it.

One of the most beautiful aspects of nature that we get to witness is pollination. Not only is it pretty to watch, it is an incredible lesson for us humans as well. 

The flower that a bee would naturally be attracted to, can only evolve and avoid extinction by allowing the connection to exist. Not only does the bee prosper, but the flower is able to transform itself into a specialized source that will evolve into its own source of abundance.

You have a passion and you have a gift. Allow it to exist. Give yourself the opportunity to become your own specialty and in return you will see the abundance that you seek. 

Allow the natural laws of the universe work for you. Your job in the mad race to abundance that society is participating in is to simply look within. What you need to get there is already in you.  Nurture that, and you will have the abundance that you are seeking.

Don’t miss the beauty in the flower for the bee.

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