Remember the New Year resolutions that you didn’t keep?  You know what I’m talking about.  The memories of FAIL that make you roll your eyes when someone asks “What is your resolution for 2018?”  If you’re like most people, you have probably lost count of how many times that experience hasn’t gone well.

New Year resolutions are great because they give you something to look forward to.  They reignite that feeling of hope. But when we FAIL at it over and over again, we eventually don’t bother with the whole exercise.

January is an important time for us.  It marks the close of a chapter in our life and the beginning of another.  It only makes sense that we would start with hopes and dreams of something that will give us more happiness and fulfillment.

Don’t dismay, the tradition of setting a New Year resolution doesn’t have to be over for you.  Here are the 2 top reasons that women fail to keep their new commitment, and 3 tips to making the next one stick.

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2 reasons women fail to keep New Year resolutions

  1. It’s a want, not a need.  For any intention to manifest you have to believe in it.  There has to be a need for it.  A wish is a dream, a need is a goal.  

  2. It’s selfish.  Or so most of us think.  We are so busy putting everybody else first that we associate guilt to our own goals.

3 tips to achieving your New Year resolution

  1. Make it a fact and start the energy rolling.  Write it down every morning in your calendar.  “I am…” or “I will”.  Set it as wallpaper on your phone.  

  2. Don’t tell people.  While we traditionally think that makes us accountable, it is the beginning of the sabotage process.  Once you have told someone, you have created a pressure that doesn’t need to be there.  Achieve it, then share it.  

  3. Believe in you.  Tough for some, agreed.  But think of all the things that are already in your life that make you happy.  Think of the things that you are proud of.  You’ve come a long way and getting there was because you BELIEVED in yourself.

Personal goals are a fantastic opportunity to create positive and lasting change in our lives.  Any goal can be achieved one step at a time.

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