We all know someone who seems to always get themselves into the same negative pattern.  You know who they are, because they are always asking “Why does this always happen to me?” or “Why do I always end up in the same bad relationships?” or  “Why can I not find the right job?”  These are just a couple of the things that can happen when someone stays in the same negative pattern, sending them further down a journey that gives them far less in life than they want or deserve.

Most people would respond with something like “Stop making the wrong choices.”  Well, that does sound rather easy, and although we all have the option to choose, those that are stuck in negative patterns actually don’t feel like they have a choice.  They believe that they have no choice other than the one that will keep them in the rut they desire to get out of.

There is a part of our mind, called the EGO, that is quite content with keeping us exactly where we are.  So, it is easy to conclude that we will continue to make the wrong decisions.  We don’t want to.  In fact, when making the decision there is a part of us that is saying “Oh dear, this is going to hurt.”  But, we make the less than desirable choice anyways.  That’s because subconsciously we believe that what is in that “RUT” is all that we deserve.

Everything we do is directly related to some attachment that we have.  

Which produces the notion of how we are to behave, what we are to say, how we interact with others.  All for the purpose of keeping us where we believe we deserve to be.  

So it isn’t as easy as starting to make the right decisions, because in a way, we are programmed to continue making that same choice over and over again.

How do we break that unwanted pattern?  

There are 5 things that we can start doing right away to change the patterns we don’t want in our lives anymore.



Identify the pattern.  This isn’t all too difficult to do, because we already know what we don’t like.


Ask two questions.  "What value does it have to stay in that pattern?"  Then ask, "What value it has to break the pattern?"  Make a point of comparing the answers, so that it has optimal impact on the future thoughts that relate to the issue.



Make the decision and the commitment to see the pattern change.  Remember, the only person that can make change is YOU!


Reach out!  Sure, it might be necessary to reach out to a friend and explain the frustration.  It goes a long way in getting closer to making the decision to see change.  But, don’t let “ACTION” stop there.  We are actually going to step into our personal power and make it happen.  Regardless of the fear.


Do a “Beliefs” checklist.  This is the step where we detach ourselves from the attachment or belief that is keeping us in a less than desirable or worthy space.


The only other option is to continue on the same journey with the same outcome over and over again.  What energy you are is the same energy that will connect with you.  The universe is an incredible source of intelligence that is more than happy to give you want you want.  But it only knows what you want by what you are.  


Make the change!  Find out how much you need to start letting go.  Take our simple QUIZ today!


Until next time...


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