Post Holiday Stress - A Real Problem For Women

How was your Christmas holiday?  Most of us can respond “It was great, tiring though.”  For women, the holiday season is the most stressful time of the year.  It has always been Mom’s job to put the magic into the holiday, giving everyone we love a warm and loving place to celebrate the season with family and friends.  Filled with laughter and comfort food that is inviting.  Traditions are the key.  We want to be sure that our home is a welcoming place to share with an open heart.

Then it’s over.  Just by the tic-toc of the clock, Boxing Day arrives, and all of the pressure is behind us.  Not so much.  While our families go about getting ready for the New Year, someone has to clean up, take down the tree and manage a fridge that is loaded with leftovers.  Oh, ofcourse, let’s not forget the nagging voice in the back of our mind reminding us how naughty we have been for gaining that few extra pounds.

While preparing for the holidays is extremely stressful for most, post holiday time is the crusher.  This is when our body senses that the rush is over.  Phew!  And all of the emotions that we set aside for the sake of getting through the holidays are ready to come to surface.

3 Tips To Manage Post Holiday Stress

Nurture YOU

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Give your heart and mind a chance to breathe.  Start with giving yourself a big hug.  Regardless of whatever little thing that didn’t go well, you did a great job!  You deserve to give yourself credit for your efforts.  

Take Your Time

The planet won’t stop spinning just because you took your time tidying up.  You can slow the process down and even ask for help.  If you have never asked for post holiday help from your family, they aren’t expecting it.  That’s not to say that they don’t care to support you.  Just ask.

Move Quietly

Of course your tired.  But don’t let that keep you from letting your body know how grateful you are for carrying you through the hustle and bustle.  Go for a walk outside or go to your local pool for a swim.  Do something physical but gentle, and definitely something that is going to give you some peace.

Remember that you are the only one who can take the best care of you.  You deserve wellness.  Take a little time to put everything in perspective and be gentle with you.

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