Spread the Word

You can share the Let It Go message & be part of changing a life!

If you've been on one of our retreats, then you know all too well how powerful the message is.  How motivating it can be to see positive change.  Now you can share the POWER OF "LETTING GO" with others, and raise the bar on your own benefit of the program.

 You can change someone's life!

You can change someone's life!

  • Once you have attended one of our retreats, we know we will want to see you again.  So, we will grandfather your pricing for the next one.  
  • Share the message and receive 10% of the value of the retreat that your friends, colleagues and family attend.  Your next trip could pay for itself!

           Contact our Co-Founder, Leigh Burton and she will make the arrangements for you!                  (613) 876-8950 or email info@letitgoretreat.com